5G for Business Helps Construction Company Begin Rollout of Next-Gen Technologies

March 1, 2022

Taylor Construction is a dynamic construction and property delivery partner connecting people and spaces. Established in 1994, Taylor designs, constructs, and develops diverse projects for all sectors, from project inception to completion. Taylor's IT team has researched and prepared innovative technologies that require the performance of 5G, including holographic building visualization, wide-area safety scanning, IoT structural sensing, real-time design display, and large-site failover.

In 2020, Taylor trialed Telstra’s Enterprise Wireless plan and Cradlepoint’s 5G solution. “We were seeing speeds probably 20 times faster than what the job site was used to. We didn't get a single complaint; there were no further complaints about video call quality or audio call quality or even that there was lag. Latency clearly had become a lot lower because all of the Zoom calls and all the Microsoft Teams calls in and out of that job site were clear and crisp, with no delay. Perfect level of communication.”

Explore Taylor Construction's 5G story even further in our customer success story.

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