5G Will Make These 5 SD-WAN Capabilities Obsolete

November 18, 2020 Jonathan McBride

SD-WAN is showing its age. While less than a decade old, depending on how you date it, but it was still developed in a different time to solve different problems – problems that many networks and businesses no longer face. And 5G is accelerating that change. Along with technologies such as cloud, SASE, and edge compute, and external changes to applications and workplaces, 5G is upending networks as we know them. 
For SD-WAN to remain relevant, it has to evolve or be left on the scrapheap of great technologies that are no longer used. Join this event to learn about 5 things that SD-WAN vendors are selling that you may not need, and 3 critical things to look for as you move toward a 5G era.


Cradlepoint's Donna Johnson, VP of Product & Solution Marketing and James Weaver, Senior Product Marketing Manager 

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