What is the Pathway to 5G for Businesses and Agencies?

May 11, 2020

The Pathway to 5G shows how organizations can take advantage of current 5G and Gigabit technology today while preparing for future 5G technology as it rolls out. (Explore the pathway at Cradlepoint.com.) The Pathway to 5G has two lanes: 5G and Gigabit-Class LTE. Gigabit-Class LTE is an important element on the Pathway to 5G. Not only will it share a dual connection with 5G, but it is a significant performance improvement over 4G LTE. Because of this and the fact that it is rolling out faster than 5G, Gigabit-Class LTE will be the starting lane on the Pathway to 5G for a lot of organizations. With the great dependency on cloud applications and wide-area communications, sites cannot afford to suffer a WAN outage. A Gigabit-Class LTE or 5G connection provides a diverse pathway through the air. Where 4G offered failover to small and medium sites, 5G will offer comprehensive failover (all traffic) for medium to large sites. As an organization gains experience with failover, they will have the confidence to begin using wireless as an active link. Organizations that have confidence in wireless broadband may add wireless as an active link to supplement bandwidth while still maintaining a wireless failover capability. 5G can significantly increase the broadband capacity of sites. All traffic of the branch can be steered across wired and wireless links via foundational SD-WAN capability from Cradlepoint routers or via a separate advanced SD-WAN platform. Next, organizations may consider going with primary wireless in some or all of their branches. Although there are a lot of organizations running primary wireless branches today with 4G LTE, Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G increases greatly the size opportunity for primary wireless locations. 5G uses a technology called dual connectivity, which means an endpoint maintains simultaneous 4G and 5G connections for high availability. In review, the great thing about the Pathway to 5G is that an organization can immediately start to benefit from the capabilities of 5G while gracefully incorporating more 5G technology as it is rolled out. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud platform makes tracking, maintaining, an upgrading the latest technology a seamless experience.

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