T-Mobile Retail Stores Prevent Downtime with Cellular-Based Automatic Failover

March 1, 2022

Challenge — T-Mobile has 5,000+ retail stores that depend on connected devices and business-critical applications, including Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and digital signs. The need for WAN link diversity was apparent, but running additional wires to thousands of stores wouldn’t be cost-effective or logistically prudent. The IT team needed a failover solution that would be easy to stand up and manage from anywhere.

Solution — To enable seamless failover, T-Mobile tapped into their own highly available cellular broadband network and deployed Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Branch, delivered through Gigabit-LTE edge adapters that easily integrate into existing network architecture by backing up wired connections and primary routers.

Benefits — Network disruptions no longer derail operations at T-Mobile’s flagship stores. When a wired primary link goes down, the network now automatically switches to a cellular link — keeping important applications and IoT devices online. Through Cradlepoint NetCloud’s centralized network management dashboards and features, the IT team can easily configure failover adapters at all locations from anywhere. 

Learn more about the failover solutions used by T-Mobile on our webpage.

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