Hydro Ottawa’s Always-Connected Vehicles Help Keep the Lights on in Canada’s Capital

June 10, 2022

Wireless edge solutions support field-based crews with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity inside and around vans and trucks

Challenge — Hydro Ottawa has the important role of providing Canada’s capital city with electricity 24x7. To support this mission, the staff who install and fix infrastructure and systems in the field need similarly around-the-clock access to the growing list of applications and devices they use in their service trucks and vans. The company’s original in-vehicle connectivity solution failed too often, worked poorly in extreme temperatures, and required constant in-person management.

Solution — Throughout its fleet of hundreds of vehicles, Hydro Ottawa implemented Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless edge routers — along with high-performance external antennas — for secure, reliable, and versatile cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity that the company’s small IT team can control from anywhere.

Benefits — A wireless edge solution built for travel in wide-ranging conditions gives Hydro Ottawa staff the confidence to essentially use their vehicles as an office, whether sitting in the front seat or completing critical work outside. Further, the IT team can monitor connections and provide support as needed, without bringing vehicles back to headquarters.

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