Cradlepoint gains ESN certification to connect UK emergency services

October 21, 2019 Peter Warren

Cradlepoint gains ESN certification to connect UK emergency services

Dedicated public safety networks help deliver pervasive emergency response communications

Always-on connectivity – in vehicles, command centres, and on scene – is essential for Blue Light emergency services, as well as a range of other users stretching from local authorities to first responders like inshore rescue, to help them meet the challenges of public safety effectively. Cradlepoint is committed to providing secure and reliable wireless router solutions that keep public safety organisations — in the UK and around the word — connected to the people, data, and devices they rely on.

A Network Dedicated to First Responders

The Emergency Services Network (ESN) is a next-generation high-speed voice and data network for UK emergency services personnel being built on top of existing 4G networks. It will transform emergency services’ mobile working, particularly in remote areas and at times of network congestion. ESN will be the future platform for communications in the emergency services and wider first responder community, replacing legacy technology and providing a common platform for innovation and data sharing.

300,000 frontline emergency service users will depend on ESN, using handheld devices or operating equipment in 50,000 vehicles, 115 aircraft, and 200 control rooms. ESN will be an essential part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure and will enable emergency services to keep up with the latest technological developments.

Cradlepoint has a long history of partnering with UK emergency services and has been working since ESN was announced to connect emergency services customers to standard 4G LTE networks, ensuring they are prepared to take advantage of the transformative new critical communications service.

Cradlepoint’s Solutions Support Emergency Services

Cradlepoint is certified and fully authorised to deploy its NetCloud Service with the COR IBR1700-1200M mobile router across the forthcoming UK ESN.  This is the first ESN-approved cellular router at the critical service level — solidifying Cradlepoint’s status as a premier networking equipment provider to UK emergency services.

Cradlepoint’s 4G LTE in-vehicle technology, which is powered by its NetCloud Service, effectively turns Blue Light vehicles into mobile offices, including WiFi, using the 4G LTE network.  This enables these vehicles to live connect in-vehicle IT equipment such as laptops, smartphones, Mobile Data Terminals (MDT), dashboard cameras, and body cameras to the Internet and vital back-office systems. Using this technology, a police officer at the site of an operation or incident can stream a live video feed back to a control centre and be assured that they will have a reliable and prioritised connection across the cellular network.

Worldwide Public Safety

Public safety agencies around the world are turning to LTE connectivity. Today, dedicated public safety networks with priority and pre-emption are helping deliver benefits like interoperability, speed to recovery, and pervasive emergency response communications.

Cradlepoint solutions are already deployed in more than 5,000 Blue Light vehicles across the UK. More than 3,000 police, fire, and ambulance services have deployed its solutions globally, including public safety and first responders in every U.S. state.

ESN certification represents the next step in Cradlepoint’s objective to deliver rugged, field-proven solutions that are compatible with networks dedicated to first responders. In the U.S., Cradlepoint LTE solutions provide first responder teams with secure and reliable connectivity to FirstNet, the nationwide public safety broadband network, with a range of FirstNet capable devices deployed throughout the country. Cradlepoint has also partnered with AT&T to collaborate on the development of 5G solutions that will provide public safety organisations with a path to full 5G connectivity in the future.

Explore the ESN Announcement

For a deeper exploration of the security processes built into Cradlepoint’s solutions, read our press release.

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