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Failover and Out-of-Band Management for Branch Continuity

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SOLUTION BRIEF FAILOVER & OOBM +1.855.813.3385 | 2 Cradlepoint LTE Failover Adapter for Branch Continuity Solution for WAN Downtime In contrast to wired failover or redundant services, which typically use the same last-mile trenches and backhaul pathways, an LTE-based failover solution offers a diverse pathway through the air. With a wireless WAN connection in place, policies can immediately direct traffic to pass across the wireless link. Once the wired link is restored, traffic flow automatically returns to normal — in most cases, unnoticed by users and customers. With SD-WAN capabilities available, users can set granular traffic policies across multiple wired and wireless links. While many organizations are concerned about the throughput speed and cost of wireless WAN links, today's Gigabit-Class LTE speeds rival most wired broadband services. Further, with deep cellular analytics and the onset of flat-rate business pricing, LTE can serve as a very cost- effective WAN link. As organizations deploy highly available LTE into their branches, often they are conscious of their current network investments. Cradlepoint offers seamless LTE integration into an organization's current networking and SD-WAN infrastructure. Solution for Router Failure To mitigate the effects of an unreachable router, Cradlepoint's LTE adapters offer an efficient OOBM solution. With a direct connection from the console port of the LTE adapter to the router, network administrators can connect to the router over the air, even if IP and Ethernet are not functioning or available on the router. Multiple routers can be connected using a USB-to-serial splitter. Devices connected to the router(s) can also be securely accessed via SSH protocol. With Cradlepoint's OOBM capabilities, administrators can diagnose and/or fix the problem without leaving the office, rolling a truck, or paying for slow and expensive POTS lines. With Branch Failover Solution Learn more at When the wired link is down, the network fails over to the wireless link. LTE Adapter

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