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CARE Ambulance Uses Cloud-Managed LTE for Location-Based Dispatching in Fleet

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CASE STUDY CARE AMBULANCE SERVICE ©Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | 2 2 Customer Profile Care Ambulance Service provides emergency and non- emergency — 440,000 responses per year — services to 73 cities in California's Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties. The company is owned by Falck, a global leader in ambulance services. Care has more than 1,400 employees, including EMTs, paramedics, RNs, dispatchers, and billing specialists. Care Ambulance was one of the first ambulance services in the U.S. to receive national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services. Organizational Needs Like many first responder organizations, Care Ambulance uses Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) to match its vehicles and field personnel with the right emergencies, which greatly improves response time. CAD is only as reliable, though, as the GPS-based location data that is constantly being sent from the vehicles to headquarters. Unfortunately, the company's previous connectivity solution, a 3G platform, routinely dropped its connection. The IT team temporarily remedied the problem by installing a wall switch that essentially served as a restart button; when the solution would stop working, a first responder in the vehicle would manually reboot the system. Care Ambulance needed much better connection reliability for its CAD system, along with more robust capabilities to accommodate what's possible with emerging technologies. For instance, the organization sought to modernize, expedite, and boost the quality of its in-vehicle reporting process. Until that time, paramedics at the scene of an emergency would fill out patient forms, scan them using on-board devices, then send the files to Care Ambulance's headquarters. The 3G connection only accommodated small black-and-white files, which often were nearly impossible for billing department employees to read. To address this issue, Care Ambulance had to hire full-time "rounds drivers" whose sole role was to drive between headquarters and vehicles in the field, picking up and delivering hand-written reports. Care Ambulance knew it needed multi-functional LTE routers that would provide unwavering cellular-based Internet connectivity and high-performance WiFi. Also, a cloud management solution was identified as a key need for remotely monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting the network among vehicles that are constantly moving all over Southern California. Solution Care Ambulance Service replaced its 3G routers with Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for mobile, which includes cloud management of purpose-built routers featuring embedded LTE. In-vehicle Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) receive emergency call information from the CAD system and, using always- connected GPS data, automatically send that crew to the situation nearest their current location. This all-in-one cloud-managed solution includes a built-in stateful firewall and WiFi.

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