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ChargeItSpot Securely Connects Phone Charging Kiosks in Venues & Retail Stores

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CASE STUDY CHARGEITSPOT ©Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | 3 Benefits Trustworthy Connectivity Even in huge NFL stadiums filled with tens of thousands of people, ChargeItSpot's essential applications run on Cradlepoint solutions with impressive consistency. "We've had very steady connectivity, and our kiosks have performed extremely well in that environment," Kay said. Security for the Store & the Kiosk The routers support secure, reliable VPN functionality, keeping data safe as it travels to and from these widely dispersed kiosks. The stores and venues that host the kiosks enjoy the ability to keep their networks physically separate from ChargeItSpot's own network. Carrier Flexibility for Efficient Deployment The diversity of environments where ChargeItSpot kiosks are deployed is vast, and the carrier that offers the most reliable LTE connectivity changes from site to site. With the COR Series, switching carriers is quick and easy — which expedites the installation process. Support The expertise and willingness of Cradlepoint's support staff allows Kay to confidently and enthusiastically recommend Cradlepoint to others in the industry. "I have found Cradlepoint's support team to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to access," Kay said. Ideal Form Factor Cradlepoint's sleek shape and compact size are vital for kiosk providers such as ChargeItSpot. The IoT routers easily fit into the limited space available in the back end of the charging stations. "Inside the housing of the kiosk, there's always limited space," Kay said. "No matter how big the kiosks look from the outside, there's a lot going on in the inside." WAN Options The multi-WAN capabilities of Cradlepoint's solutions offer ChargeItSpot's IT team connectivity options. "We love the flexibility because it will work not only on the LTE network, it also has the failover or failback technology that allows it to roll over to WiFi in the event that there's any interruption in service," Kay said. In rare instances where encumbrances such as concrete, cabling, and more prevent a reliable LTE signal, the charging kiosks use wired lines running through the Cradlepoint routers. Auto Restart & Refresh ChargeItSpot takes full advantage of the solution's dynamic reset functionality. When a router loses connectivity, it automatically restarts and refreshes the connection. Learn more at

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