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City Sightseeing Dubai Deploys In-Vehicle Solution for Data Capturing & Public WiFi

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©Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +61 2 8916 6334 | 2 CASE STUDY CITY SIGHTSEEING DUBAI Business Needs In order to keep up with competitors and the needs of passengers in the age of social media, City Sightseeing Dubai sought out an in-vehicle public WiFi solution. Aware of the lucrative marketing opportunities available to operators who invested in gated public WiFi, they found the WiFi marketer WandaFi. They now had someone to carry out their vision but still needed a suitable router to make it possible. Solution WandaFi chose Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for mobile, which includes extensive cloud functionality, a purpose- built in-vehicle router, 24x7 support, and a limited lifetime warranty, to meet these requirements. This solution is a compact, ruggedized LTE networking solution designed for mission-critical connectivity in the most challenging environments. It is ideal for City Sightseeing Dubai's fleet of open-top buses, as they have to combat the elements while still providing "four-nines" availability. Benefits Purpose-Built The cloud-managed solution is purpose-built for in-vehicle fleet deployment. Some of the key features include: dual-modem for increased availability, dual-band, dual- concurrent WiFi, and active GPS support. The router itself is built to withstand vibration, shock, dust, splash, and humidity, making it perfect for an open-top fleet of buses. "We're confident that we can now provide a highly available public WiFi service on all of our tour buses in Dubai," said Viktoria Drzkova, UAE Country Manager at WandaFi. Provides a Competitive Edge One of the main reasons for City Sightseeing Dubai's investment in on-board WiFi was in answer to the public WiFi offered by competitors. The solution provided by WandaFi and Cradlepoint has given them an edge in the industry. They now not only compete with, but outrank many competitors in quality of signal and service. "Our tour buses are in league with our competitors in more than just quality of service but now also signal," said Viktoria Drzkova, UAE Country Manager at WandaFi. Enables Marketing via WiFi Easily the most exciting benefit of this solution is the ability to use the Cradlepoint routers for marketing via WiFi. WandaFi's software meant that when any of the 500 passengers per day boarded a bus and logged into the free WiFi, their data would be captured via a captive portal splash page. This would then be used for market research and customer insights that influence everything from basic customer service to entire marketing campaigns. "City Sightseeing Dubai doesn't just offer free WiFi, they also offer an experience that over time will become more tailored to customer preferences and insights," said Drzkova. Learn more at

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