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©Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | 8 SPEC SHEET ■ CR4250 LEDs Buttons Indicator Behavior Power: Input requirements 100-240V, 50-60Hz; 1.7A max w/o PoE, 4.1A max w/ POE. — Green = Powered ON and hardware OK. — No Light = Not receiving power. — Red = Critical hardware problem detected. Hardware problem means that, most likely, unit can not boot. This can happen when hardware component (RAM, CPU, Flash, etc) was found to have a critical issue and can't operate as expected. Contact Support. Status Status: LED lights that indicate the connection status of the endpoint. — LED Off - normal operation — Blinking Green (1Hz) - upgrade in progress OR a button is currently pressed — Blinking Green (4Hz) - shutdown in progress — Blinking Orange (4Hz) - factory reset in progress Indicator Behavior Reset Button — Press and hold for more than 7 seconds (status LED will be flashing orange at 4Hz when button is released). Customer configuration will be erased and unit will reboot. Customer entitlements will be preserved. PWR On Button — Press and hold for more than 3 seconds, but less than 7 (status LED will be flashing green at 4Hz when button released). Unit will send shutdown signal to all of its components and will safely power down. The PWR LED will turn RED before turning off completely. — Press and hold for more than 7 seconds. Unit will do the same thing as above, but will force shutdown of all components.

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