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NetCloud IoT & Ruggedized IoT Service Plan Features The NetCloud IoT and Ruggedized IoT 3 Service is available with the following recommended Advanced and Essentials features. The NetCloud IoT Service with an Advanced plan requires a corresponding Essentials plan. Recommended NetCloud IoT Advanced Features V PN & T unneling OpenVPN (SSL VPN) 1 P L2TP 1 P Auto-Tunnels 2 P DMVPN 1 P LAN VRRP 1 P STP 1 P T roubleshooting & Diagnostics Out-of-Band Management for Access to non-Cradlepoint devices with console port P In-band management for access to LAN connected 3rd Party Device UIs P In-band management for clientless access to LAN connected PC/MAC devices (RDP/VNC) P Real-time Device Status via Remote Connect Local UI P Real-time Network Interface Status via Remote Connect Local UI P Dashboard Analytics GeoView Dashboard (Account, Group, Device) P Near Real-Time Last Known Map Location P GeoFence Alerting P Health Dashboard (Account, Group, Device) P Cellular Health P Application and Interface WAN Quality of Experience (QoE) P WAN Uptime (categorized by WAN service type) P Failover Events Summary P Active Failover Events P Security Dashboard (Account, Device) P Default Password usage insights P Client Dashboard (Account, Group, Device) P Modem Data Usage Dashboard (Account) P Pooled Carrier Data Usage Analytics, Forecasting, and Alerting P Insights Account Insights Failover Report P Extensibility & Integrations NetCloud-delivered integrations (Cloud/IoT) NetCloud Edge Connector for Microsoft Azure IoT Central P

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