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NetCloud Branch Adapter Service Plan Features Recommended NetCloud Branch Adapter Advanced Features 1 T roubleshooting & Diagnostics Out-of-Band Management for Access to non-Cradlepoint devices with console port P In-band management for access to LAN connected 3rd Party Device UIs P In-band management for clientless access to LAN connected PC/MAC devices (RDP/VNC) P Real-time Device Status via Remote Connect Local UI P Real-time Network Interface Status via Remote Connect Local UI P Dashboard Analytics GeoView Dashboard (Account, Group, Device) P Near Real-Time Last Known Map Location P GeoFence Alerting P Modem Data Usage Dashboard (Account) P Pooled Carrier Data Usage Analytics, Forecasting, and Alerting P Health Dashboard (Account, Group, Device) P Cellular Health P Application and Interface WAN Quality of Experience (QoE) P WAN Uptime (categorized by WAN service type) P Failover Events Summary P Active Failover Events P Security Dashboard (Account, Device) P Default Password usage insights P Insights Account Insights Failover Report P NetCloud Branch Adapter Essentials Features Connection Manager P LTE P Private LTE 3 P WiFi-as-WAN / Client WAN The NetCloud Service for 5G and LTE Adapters includes the following recommended Advanced and Essential features. The NetCloud Branch 5G or LTE Adapter Service with the Advanced plan requires a corresponding Essentials plan. The LTE Branch Advanced plan is only available on the CBA850. The 5G Advanced plan is available on both the W2000 and W2005.

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