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©Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | 1 SOLUTION BRIEF LEARN FROM HOME ©Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | +1.855.813.3385 | Provide Reliable In-Home Internet Access to Every Student Giving a Cradlepoint router to a student to take home, with its easy connection to the Internet, lets you be confident that every student has reliable access to the Internet, without depending on their families' broadband connection or personal cell phone plan. Ensuring equal access to on-line classes and educational resources is key to making sure no student is left behind, even if traditional campuses aren't available. Cradlepoint Provides Essential Service to Students Without Broadband at Home to Keep Them Connected and Engaged Student — It's simple to set up, get started, and use with no technical knowledge required. — It has more than enough performance to support the needs of education. — Its rugged design will hold up, and it can easily be moved within a home or to alternate locations without having to go through another setup process. — Up to 5 students at a time can be connected. How it Works The Cradlepoint router can be given to a student or shipped directly from Cradlepoint to their homes. Once they receive it, they only have to connect the antennas and plug it in. The router will connect to the Internet automatically, and its internal Wi-Fi access point will turn on. At that point, the student can connect his or her computer, tablet or phone to the Wi-Fi network using the credentials provided and access the Internet and common education websites such as Google Docs, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and more. There is no need to have a wired Internet connection at home as the Cradlepoint solution connects through the cellular network. Administrator — Never worry about a student lacking access to the Internet. — There's no dependence on the home having Internet, and the activities of other members of a household won't impact the student's connection. — Maintain visibility into the health of the unit and its connection status through the Cradlepoint NetCloud website. — Monitor data usage amount and troubleshoot remotely. — Unit can be shipped directly to a student within 24 hours.. of school 81% superintendents report that the lack of in-home Internet prevents them from transitioning to a full remote model.

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