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NetCloud Service Plan SOHO Features

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SOHO Page 1 NetCloud SOHO Service Plans Features The NetCloud Service for Branch SOHO and the NetCloud Service for Branch Ruggedized SOHO include the following Advanced and Essential features. Both Advanced and Essentials plan features are included in all SOHO packages. NetCloud SOHO Essentials+Advanced Features SOHO Branch (E100) SOHO Ruggedized (IBR600C) WAN Connection Manager P P LTE P P WiFi-as-WAN / Client P P Smart WAN Selection P P Quality of Service (QoS) P P Traffic Steering P P Application Aware QoS P O Application Aware Traffic Steering P O Enterprise Routing Static Routes P P Policy Routes P P OSPF P P BGP P P RIP P P NHRP P P NEMO / DMNR P P IP Verify P P V PN & T unneling IPSec P P GRE P P OpenVPN (SSL VPN ) P P L2TP P P Auto VPN P P Auto-Tunnels P P DMVPN P P Security Zone Firewall P P Basic URL Web filtering (White/Black list) P P NetCloud Perimeter P P Application Aware Zone Firewall P O CP Secure Threat Management (IPS/IDS) P O Actionable Alert on Threat Detection P O CP Secure Web Filter P O Web Classification and Categorization P O Web Reputation P O LAN IPv4 & IPv6 P P DHCP Server / Relay P P MAC Filtering and Logging P P IP Passthrough Mode Wired 802.1x P P STP P P LLDP P P Wi-Fi

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