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Data Sheet E100 The Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for SOHO with the E100 Router is ideally suited for enabling mission-critical employees to work from home or outside the office with the same services, security, and ease of management. The portable, compact form factor includes full-featured routing, security, traffic shaping, and Wi-Fi, making it easy to connect and maintain connectivity to the Internet for supporting crucial business applications. The embedded LTE modem means that reliable, private connectivity is always available from day 1 without waiting for a wired connection and without having to depend upon consumer-class, underlying networking conditions. ©Cradlepoint. All Rights Reserved. | All specifications subject to change without notice | +1.855.813.3385 | Notable Features — Extend office networking capabilities to critical remote employees without compromising security or reliability. — Access the network or applications with an embedded LTE modem for fast, secure connectivity in the home, vacation home, or on the road. — Integrate into your existing network with standards- based, dynamic routing, traffic-shaping and VPN tunnel support. — Define policies through centralized, cloud-based management for easy deployment at scale. — Use zero-touch deployment with pre-configured router and pre-inserted SIM to speed installation. — Segment and isolate work devices — computers, printers, and more — from household network and devices. — Expand working radius with secure, enterprise class Wi-Fi. Performance Stateful Firewall Throughput* IPS Throughput* Application Aware Services & Analytics* IPSec VPN Throughput* Concurrent VPN Tunnels Concurrent Sessions (TCP) Typical Client Count 850 Mbps 250 Mbps 250 Mbps 40 Mbps 20 32,000 5 * All performance throughput data is preliminary, subject to change. Performance Framework: All testing conducted based on requirements as defined in RFC2544 using fixed-frame 1518 byte packets. Throughput results reflect uni-directional UDP traffic with less than 1% packet loss as tested with wired connections. Cellular Performance: Results do not reflect performance of the cellular wireless modem nor wireless operator networks. Ideal for Work from Anywhere NetCloud Service for SOHO, combined with the E100 router, provides a dedicated connection for remote, mission-critical workers and executives with a similar experience as the office network, with access to critical cloud and corporate data center applications. Instead of relying on uneven levels of household equipment, this Work from Anywhere (WFX) solution offers IT providers cloud-based management to define and distribute policies, set security parameters, isolate corporate assets, and fine-tune bandwidth considerations in a uniform, corporate-class offering that interoperates with existing network solutions. Dedicated Enterprise Network By using a resilient, LTE connection dedicated to the corporate functions, the E100 series router avoids resource and bandwidth competition with other household devices on the network. Coupled with the high-speed connection and extension of company configurations through NetCloud, this extends an office-based environment to a secure network in a home, a remote office, or on the road. Additionally, this capability permits completely segmenting and isolating work devices — computers, printers, and more — from all other streaming and digital work in the household — ensuring high performance for key applications and providing a natural layer of information protection.

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