Private Cellular Network Helps Companies Keep Workers Safe at Large Refineries

March 23, 2020

Private LTE deployments through Nokia and Cradlepoint underpin wide-area Wireless LAN for PK Solutions’ IoT devices at huge oil and gas sites

Challenge — On refinery sites, PK Solutions’ safety-focused IoT devices and wearables track biometric and gas-related data, along with providing real-time video footage, but the limitations of Wi-Fi in large areas make it difficult to ensure reliable, high-performance connectivity over a Wireless LAN.

Solution — PK deployed Nokia’s industrial-grade private cellular solution operating in the LTE / CBRS (Citizens Band Radio Service) spectrum and Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service, delivered through wireless edge routers mounted in ruggedized communication kits.

Benefits — With Private Cellular Network, PK gives its oil and gas company customers the flexible, high-performance, secure, and reliable Wireless LAN connectivity they need to keep employees safe everywhere they go — and to centrally monitor and manage the entire network.

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