L950 Product Brief

April 5, 2021

The Cradlepoint L950 Series cellular broadband adapter provides a cellular WAN link that can be added to networking equipment for a variety of use cases. For failover, it provides a secondary WAN connection in the event of a primary WAN link disruption to keep the network operational. The L950 can augment as needed with a cellular connection based on established policies, for specific applications or in the event of diminished WAN performance. Organizations can even establish a secure day-1 LTE network connection to get operations running while waiting for a wired connection to be installed.

These endpoints can be configured at scale with NetCloud to offer a full range of zero-touch deployment, troubleshooting, and management features and integrate into existing configurations with standards-based routing, traffic shaping, and VPN support. Using the NetCloud Health dashboard, view failover data, and see quantified ROI in the NetCloud Insights failover report.

To mitigate the effects of an unreachable router, the L950 offers efficient, advanced Out-of-Band Management. Network administrators can connect to the router and other in-line devices over the air, even if IP and Ethernet are unavailable on the router, improving uptime and reducing truck rolls.

Learn about this adapter at cradlepoint.com/L950-series

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