R1900 Product Brief

October 4, 2021

The R1900 Series router was built from the ground up to handle high-performance mobile 5G connectivity and edge computing. Purpose-built to withstand extreme environments, the R1900 is an all-in-one mobile networking solution ideally suited for installations within a wide range of vehicles including metro transit buses, school buses, commercial fleets, as well as first responder vehicles such as police, fire, ambulance, and mobile command trailers.

The R1900 is part of a NetCloud Mobile Performance Package. Cradlepoint NetCloud provides connectivity, network, security, location, and IoT services to connect everything in the vehicle, while providing access to IT for remote management, troubleshooting, and analytics. When coupled with the Advanced Mobile Performance service plan, you gain a full suite of security and AVL capabilities including threat management, web filtering, application visibility, analytics, and advanced GNSS/GPS functionality including location tracking and cellular coverage maps.

Learn about this solution at cradlepoint.com/r1900-series

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R1900 Data Sheet

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