Cellular-Connected Drone Flights Deliver COVID-19 Tests from Island to Nearest Lab

February 15, 2021

InDro Robotics uses low-latency, cloud-managed LTE solution to support First Nation community during pandemic

Challenge — The COVID-19 pandemic brought the healthcare providers on British Columbia’s Penelakut Island a critical problem: one ferry was the only access between the island and the nearest lab, which put at risk the timely transport of samples. InDro Robotics began working with locals on a plan to fly samples back and forth with specialized drones and navigation software. However, reliable connectivity for video transmission would be indispensable, and satellite carries too much latency for the job.

Solution — InDro deployed Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Mobile and wireless edge routers for vehicles, choosing to use wireless broadband service — provided by Rogers — that the company can closely monitor and manage from anywhere with robust cloud-based network management features.

Benefits — For InDro, cloud-managed cellular connectivity ensures the low-latency video streaming essential to successful drone flights, and the granular, map-based performance analytics necessary to optimize flight paths and meet Canadian regulations. For the people of Penelakut Island, a First Nations community, LTE-enabled drones mean medical supplies and COVID-19 tests can be transported in minutes instead of several hours.

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