Bookmobile’s LTE Upgrade Enhances Library’s Ability to Serve Residents Throughout Town

November 26, 2019

Challenge — With regular stops in Skokie, Illinois, the Skokie Public Library Bookmobile makes it easier for locals to check out, reserve, and return books, DVDs, and other items. Technology has made these mobile services easier in some ways and more challenging in others. For instance, now that the library’s systems are fully digital, and with the bookmobile traveling all over town, how can the IT team guarantee those systems will always maintain network connectivity?

Solution — By implementing Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Mobile and a wireless edge router designed for vehicles, the bookmobile maintains connectivity for digital checkout and other services throughout town. LTE and Wi-Fi are built into the router, which the IT team can monitor and manage from anywhere through Cradlepoint’s centralized management platform.

Benefits — With mobile broadband keeping the bookmobile operational anywhere and anytime, customer service is better than ever.

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