First Nations Rangers Use 5G to Livestream HD Drone Footage to Community in Australia

June 27, 2022

Cradlepoint’s 5G solutions provide high-performance connectivity for First Nations people to remotely monitor traditional land and sea Country

Challenge — In support of their mission to educate current and future generations in Queensland, the Gidarjil Development Corp (GDC) and its rangers must be able to share cultural and environmental data with a wide audience, including community Elders and scientific researchers. To accomplish this, the GDC decided to livestream underwater and aerial drone footage from the shore to locations along the Queensland coast. The group began using mobile broadband but quickly realised 4G performance wasn’t sufficient for a bandwidth- and latency-sensitive application.

Solution — With a grant from Australia’s Federal Government 5G Innovation Initiative, GDC partnered with MobileCorp to implement Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and ruggedised 5G outdoor adapters to provide high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity to the Telstra 5G network. GDC was able to effectively livestream 1080p HD footage from underwater and aerial drones directly to the Gidarjil community and scientific partners.

Benefits — With high-performance 5G adapters and centralised, cloud-based management capabilities, GDC has the confidence and ability to set up 5G connectivity in various locations and troubleshoot remotely. This easy-to-deploy 5G solution gives livestream viewers the ability to see cultural heritage sites up close, and provide real-time input based on generational knowledge related to the care of the sites and regional ecosystems.

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