Nonprofit in Australia Reduces Costs & Prepares for 5G with All-Wireless Offices

December 8, 2020

By 2014, WISE Employment in Australia had 30 offices across three states with 300 staff members. After careful consideration, WISE took the plunge into primary wireless networking at all of its offices. The company cut its copper wires, establishing a foundation of Wireless WAN and LAN networking for years to come.

"When the CFO states that we saved money, that's quite an admission. But it's true; our move to mobile wireless has saved us money across the board — from phones to PCs to WAN access," he said.

The transition from wired to wireless connectivity reduced WISE's per-site average monthly cost from nearly $1,500 a month to about $900, which includes SIM cards for phones, PC's, and routers, and subscriptions to Cradlepoint's NetCloud Service for Branch and edge routers.

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