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6 Wireless Failover Strategies for Enterprise Branch Continuity

January 22, 2021

Using cellular broadband for resilience and uptime in offices, stores, and other fixed locations

Your organization's mission-critical and cloud-based applications have made wide-area networks (WANs) an essential component of branch operations continuity.

This white paper outlines how Wireless WAN links built on LTE and 5G technologies can boost the resilience of your business with six essential branch networking strategies:

  • Adding link diversity
  • Ensuring dual-carrier connections
  • Adding hardware redundancy
  • Constructing resilient, intra-company connections
  • Accommodating traffic spikes
  • Troubleshooting networks remotely out of band

Lean more about wireless broadband solutions for failover and branch continuity at cradlepoint.com/branch-continuity.

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