Connecting Kiosks for Shopping and Services

November 26, 2019

Using LTE and 5G to deliver point-of-sale and other applications

Companies in virtually every industry now use kiosks to make their services much easier to access. Many of these kiosks accept credit card payments, which is very convenient for customers, but also challenging for IT teams. They need the agility to move their kiosks multiple times without constantly ordering new wired lines, and without having to manage and troubleshoot connectivity in person. Perhaps most importantly, they must have assurance that their customers’ payment information is protected at all times.

Cradlepoint’s IoT routers with an embedded cellular modem and support for wired broadband keep kiosks’ applications and ability to process credit card payments running 24x7. Companies can quickly set up new kiosks with confidence that the network will always maximize their ability to serve customers.

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