Automated Car Wash System Puts Shine on Wireless LAN and WAN for Edge Connectivity

March 15, 2022

Cradlepoint and Extreme Networks provide scalable, cloud-controlled LTE and Wi-Fi solutions for Motor City Wash Works

Challenge — Motor City Wash Works knew its end-to-end, as-a-service car wash technology system could revolutionize how the car wash business optimize operations, but first it would need to address connectivity. Everything from machinery data to PCI-compliant point-of-sale information depends on 24x7 network access. Thus, any downtime is costly and manual, making in-person troubleshooting unrealistic and inefficient.

Solution — To make expansion of this car wash automation system as timely and cost-effective as possible, Step CG helped Motor City operationalize its cutting-edge car wash infrastructure with end-to-end, cloud-controlled connectivity provided through Extreme Networks and Cradlepoint.

Benefits — With the ability to easily monitor and control wireless connectivity on both the LAN and WAN from anywhere, Motor City can confidently provide car wash businesses with 24x7 access to the IoT and payment data that is essential to successful operations and customer service.

Explore cellular-enable wireless edge solutions on our routers and adapters webpage.

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