California School District Parks Student Wi-Fi in Rural and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

November 26, 2019

Challenge — Most families in Southern California’s Coachella Valley School District (CVUSD) live below the poverty line. Many also lack access to at-home Wi-Fi, which contributes to the digital divide between those who have computers and the available Internet and those who do not. This gap was putting CVUSD students at a significant disadvantage regarding remote learning.

Solution — With Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Mobile and purpose-built LTE routers deployed in more than 100 buses, the district parks those vehicles in rural
and disadvantaged areas and provides Wi-Fi to the students who need it most. These connected buses cover the school district’s 1,250 square miles.

Benefits — The Cradlepoint solution includes LTE, Wi-Fi, content filtering, and cloud-delivered security features and dashboards through NetCloud Manager, a cloud-based platform for centralized network management. It’s a CIPA- compliant all-in-one solution through a ruggedized router that allows the IT team to effectively troubleshoot issues without stepping foot on each bus.

Even more so, it’s a solution that makes school bus Wi-Fi a scalable project even as CVUSD continues expanding its fleet and on-boarding new connected technologies.

Learn more about the benefits of school bus Wi-Fi at

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