Italian Transit Agency Leverages 4G LTE Connectivity to Curb Overcrowding

May 21, 2021

Challenge — After the global pandemic forced Italy into national lockdown, Azienda Trasporti Bergamo (ATB) needed to adjust ongoing digital transformation projects to support emergency public health protocols.

This would require reconfiguring IoT platforms to monitor and control overcrowding on buses and stops. Data would need to be instantly available for internal operations and visible to the public via on-board digital signage, online and on the ATB app.

Solution — The agency upgraded its buses with a comprehensive solution: Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Mobile and wireless 4G LTE routers, purpose-built for the unique demands of in-vehicle use — including routing, ports for multiple IoT devices, GPS, AVL integration, and centralised network management.

Benefits — With highly reliable 4G LTE connectivity throughout its service area, ATB can depend on the real-time data gathered from IoT sensors and confidently use various technologies to combat overcrowding on buses, promote social distancing, and comply with emergency health guidelines.

Learn more about the solutions deployed by ATB on our webpage.

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