Investigate how retailers use LTE & 5G to boost services.

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Digital Transformation: LTE in Retail Networks

November 26, 2019

How retailers use LTE as Wireless WAN to improve service and operations

Innovation is changing retail from the storefront to the back office and beyond. New levels of mobility allow companies to reach customers in fresh ways that extend far beyond brick-and-mortar locations — delivering a customized, curated, and seamless experience. IoT and cloud applications are streamlining supply chains, reducing shrinkage, and improving employee productivity and safety.

Retailers are re-evaluating their entire network infrastructures. Of course, moving away from aging legacy networks is easier said than done. Retail CIOs and network administrators must balance corporate mandates for speed and agility with mission-critical needs such as security, cost savings, and 24x7 uptime. These companies also are considering the role of cellular-enabled wireless WAN as it evolves from 4G LTE and Gigabit-Class LTE to 5G. Wireless innovation is unlocking new levels of mobility, flexibility, network reliability, and remote management.

This white paper outlines emerging trends in retail IT, challenges posed by those trends, and considerations for choosing future-proof edge network solutions for retail.

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