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The Evolving Network for K-12 Schools

November 26, 2019

Leveraging flexible connectivity for K-12 schools, buses, and IoT applications

Gone are the days of blackboards, three-hole punches, and freshly sharpened No. 2 pencils. Today’s K-12 students and teachers depend on laptops, tablets, cloud apps, data-driven instruction, and nonstop Internet connectivity.

Due to widespread shifts such as online testing for Common Core and the rapid rise of cloud-based applications, many school districts are seeking networking solutions that meet their evolving needs without complicating network management or creating new security vulnerabilities.

Because of these needs, LTE-based broadband and Wi-Fi have become vital components of K-12 network architectures. Wireless WAN connectivity is no longer a luxury for school districts; it’s now essential for enhancing and personalizing learning — from main offices to school buses and IoT devices.

This white paper explores the most popular education technology trends in K-12 education, and the role of LTE, W-iFi, cloud management, and all-in-one network solutions in addressing the complexities and time and budget constraints currently facing school district IT departments.

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