Seattle Transit Agency Welcomes Aboard Reliable LTE for In-Vehicle Systems

January 29, 2021 Jonathan McBride

Challenge — With wireless hardware in its buses approaching end-of-life support, Seattle-based King County Metro needed a new and scalable solution for in-vehicle connectivity. Having used often spotty networks with frequently dropped connections, it was difficult to reliably use real-time GPS and Auto Vehicle Location (AVL) data and other critical operational technologies. Without a cloud-based network management platform, keeping up with installations, firmware updates, and troubleshooting was not feasible for the agency’s lean IT team.

Solution — The agency upgraded its metro buses and select bus stops with a comprehensive solution: Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Mobile and wireless LTE routers, designed specifically for the unique needs of a vehicle — including routing, GPS, AVL integration, and centralized network management.

Benefits — With highly pervasive LTE connectivity throughout the Puget Sound region, King County Metro can utilize real-time data gathered from a wide range of sensors and devices. These analytics power greater operational efficiency, provide the IT team with cloud-based management tools, and improve the passenger experience.

Learn more about the solutions deployed by King County Metro on our webpage.

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