Consider these 5 strategies for Wireless WAN in business.

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WANs Beyond Wires

October 28, 2020

5 strategies for greater agility, diversity, and reach at the network edge

Cloud services, IoT devices, and greater mobility are pushing businesses beyond the architectural constraints of wired networks. Wireless WANs are the next step.

Wireless connections bring increased diversity, greater network agility, and broader reach to enterprise networks. Supporting diverse types of network connectivity to create a more reliable WAN is the foundation for Wireless WANs. Building on this capability, wireless edge solutions add cellular links as a connection option. This expands the reach of enterprise network functionality to the people, places, and things where work is happening. The network intelligence at the core of SD-WAN solutions makes switching between links, segregating specific traffic types, or quickly opening a new business location almost effortless.

Wireless WANs solve multiple problems for business networks, create new opportunities, and lay the foundation for further transformation and innovation. This white paper outlines 5 key strategies for Wireless WAN deployments.

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WANs without wires? These 5 strategies are driving the trend.