Valley Regional Transit Improves Efficiency & Customer Service with Constant LTE Connectivity

July 13, 2020

Valley Regional Transit is a regional public transit authority, which means we are responsible to coordinate all of the public transportation services within Ada and Canyon counties. Before Cradlepoint, we were using a smaller modem that didn't have external antennas to get a stronger signal, and we were losing connectivity around town even in just the suburb areas. We started looking for a better solution, and then we heard from the city of Boise that the police department was using Cradlepoint, and that their antennas worked everywhere throughout the city. That was one of the issues that we had as we were driving in the downtown areas; we would often lose connectivity. Prior to the Cradlepoint solution, we were receiving calls regularly and consistently: "Where's my bus?" We needed to provide an app that shows you where the bus is; we needed to provide services that show you what time it's supposed to be here and how many minutes it's behind or how far ahead it is. Having the Cradlepoint solution provides consistent connectivity so people can actually see exactly where their buses are with in real time. With our new Main Street Station, we were losing connectivity, cell signal, and GPS signal downstairs, so we decided to go with some out-of-the-box thinking and decided to entertain an option from Cradlepoint. It provided much better connectivity throughout the entire valley as well as giving us a solution inside of the facility. With Cradlepoint, we were able to have passenger Wi-Fi and no additional cost to us so it, was an added benefit and feature that we really were happy to get. One of the next steps that we're really looking forward to is the ability to monitor the camera systems we have on the bus through the Cradlepoint solution. We plan on being able to connect to that and move to real-time monitoring of those camera systems. My experience with Cradlepoint Support has been excellent. I feel I've dealt with a lot of different support agencies with different software companies; Cradlepoint has given us a team to work with. One of the benefits to Valley Regional Transit is having better and more accurate data in a more timely manner so that we can determine what type of services we need to provide to our customers. We can look at where they're getting on and off the buses, and also looking at other locations that maybe we didn't realize that people were getting on and off at. We can serve those areas better. We're using Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and in-vehicle routers, and we're very happy with that solution. Learn more at

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